Sam Schultz

Hi I'm Coach Sam and I am a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at Williamston CrossFit. I started CrossFit in October of 2014 and became a coach in November of 2014. CrossFit was a challenge when I started and I compared myself to all the other athletes who had been a member a lot longer than I was. I couldn’t wait until I had the abilities and strengths that they had so I could do what they could do. I worked hard to achieve what I can do now and I still challenge myself today to do more, because with CrossFit, there is always something to be better at.

I have a background in kinesiology/exercise science through Western Michigan University where I obtained my bachelors of Science degree. I have been involved with sports and an active lifestyle since I was a young girl and continued through my college years where I played softball at Lansing Community College for two years. In September of 2016 I graduated from South University in Novi, MI with an associate’s degree in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. In October of 2016 I became a Licensed Physical therapist Assistant and was hired in at ATI Physical Therapy in Fowlerville on the 14th of November, which happens to be my birthday.

I love what I do here at Williamston CrossFit and I love the community and the positive atmosphere we all create to make a positive experience for everyone. We are truly a team that supports everyone on a daily basis and we continue to encourage our friends or other members/athletes of the gym to do their best and work hard to reach their goals and do things they never thought were possible!